Connecting Researchers and Practitioners


One of the Lab School Network’s (LSN) principal objectives is to promote exchanges between innovative practitionners and researchers.

We have observed that exchanges between the two are few and far between. Additionally students, especially at the Master level but also doctoral candidates often struggle to find internships and/or appropriate research terrains on which to base their theses.

The LSN’s response to this need is to create the Educational Activity and Research Experimentation platform. Its function is to facilitate contacts, as well as to encourage lively exchanges. Indeed, the LSN team in charge of this project can, if required to do so, assist in implementing the research project. In addition, scheduled meetings throughout the year will allow for sharing the results of different experiments.

In practice
In order to participate your project must have an educational objective and your experiment should be replicable in other territories: schools and universities, socio-educational associations or structures.  We define projects with an “educational objective” as those


related to fields such as education, public or private school education or public education, including its social, cultural and civic.
Are you in charge of of an innovative pedagogical project ? Do you wish to exchange with researchers in order to better evaluate the effects of your practice?


If you are a teacher, member of an NG0, Socio-Educational Worker, or a parent, please fill out this online form.
If you are a researcher and need partners to implement a study or research action, you can also fill out this online form.

The team in charge of the project is composed of members of LSN and Master students of the EdTech CRI. They are responsible for making note of your proposals and uploading them to the website (your personal information will not appear). If you would like to be put in contact with an appropriate partner, please fill out the contact form.
Once you do find an appropriate partner and you decide to work together, we request that you inform the LSN, so that applications do not stay online unnecessarily.